Glossary of terms used on this site

Term Main definition
Leak detection
Any system that was designed or is used to detect leaks in vessels, ducts, lines and the like. Leak detection systems include detectors for the leaking substance, ultrasound faults finding systems, and specialized (thermal) imaging systems. 7Solutions distributes a number of leak detection solutions.
A contract by which 7Solutions conveys the use of its gas detectors to its customer for a specified term in return for a periodic payment. 7Solutions offers financial and operational lease solutions for almost any gas detection instrument imaginable. Usually, lease is used for terms that span the economic life of gas detection instruments. For shorter term contracts, see Rental.
Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
The minimum concentration of a combustible in air to be ignitable.


7Solutions heeft een eigen service- en onderhoudsafdeling waar we elk gasdetectie-apparaat kunnen onderhouden, ongeacht het merk of de leeftijd.

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