Glossary of terms used on this site

Term Main definition
The condition of being protected from - or unlikely to cause - danger, risk, or injury. Gas detection equipment is safety equipment because it protects its users against danger and injury, while it also protects the company in which it is used through early notification of unsafe situations.
Semi-Fixed Gas Detection
A solution that aims to ensure safety during a limited period by using (semi)portable instruments and predominantly wireless communication. Can be used during plant stops and turnarounds, environmental incidents, events in public venues, etc.
Shutdown management
Shutdown maintenance is maintenance that can only be performed while the plant is not in use. Shutdowns involve the prolongued disuse of the plant or equipment, which is very costly. That is why shutdowns are managed extensively, to minimize the shutdown time to the shortest period possible.
Single Gas Detection
A usually small device that contains a sensor for a single target gas. While a single gas detection device can be an alarm-only instrument, they can also be fully fledged gas detectors, including complete datalogging and communicating instruments with capabilities of transferring readings in real-time via a built-in modem. Of course, which single gas detection solution is best for you depends on a number of questions, which we are only too happy to pose.
Span Gas
See Calibration Gas
A person or organisation who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person or organisation highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.
Stationary Gas Detection
Gas detection that is mounted to a building, usually wired to a central controller in a control room for continuous monitoring and switching equipment.
Short Term Exposure Limit: the average concentration over a period of usually 15 minutes to which workers can be exposed without known negative health effects.
To give assistance, to be stand by when problems arise, to maintain instruments, to repair instruments, to hold resources available for the correct and safe use of the instrument, to offer firmware updates, software and accessories that are ideally suited to the instrument.


7Solutions heeft een eigen service- en onderhoudsafdeling waar we elk gasdetectie-apparaat kunnen onderhouden, ongeacht het merk of de leeftijd.

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